Founded in 2019 by former DC Public Schools and collegiate football player Keith Hardy, Second N Six is the intersection of a deep love of sports and fashion. Second N Six is a sportswear and athletic apparel brand that offers a variety of clothing and accessories aimed at adding a unique style to our clients’ wardrobes. During the peak of the pandemic, we have grown our brand to include custom jerseys and sportswear for local area youth teams, giving back to our community and showing support to our hopeful youth. Engaging with the community and local youth, is not only a core value of the Second N Six brand, but also, a personal passion of the founder himself. Second N Six is the #1 Sponsored Brand in the DMV!

Meet the Founder

Keith Hardy, a Washington D.C native, is no stranger to the arena of sports.  He found a love for sports at an early age and carried that throughout his  high school and college career.  As a 3 sport athlete in high school, he learned the importance of having a great work ethic, commitment, and the fortitude to push through no matter the obstacles.  He achieved awards and accolades for his skill set in Baseball, Football, and Track and Field.  His ultimate reward would be moving from Quarterback to wide receiver in his sophomore year in high school.   In  the latter part of his high school career, he earn the honors of All-League award in DCIAA at wide receiver.

Being the 2nd oldest of 6 kids, hence the name of the brand, he understood the value of creating and leaving a legacy for his family.  After graduating Theodore Roosevelt High School he went on to attend college, but found his home at Carson Newman College in TN, where he continued his football career as wide receiver.  His first college career touch was on 2nd down with 6 yards remaining and scored a 60 yard touch down.  Now that is grit! The brand name was destined and written before Keith was aware of what was taking shape in his life.

Keith Hardy isn’t just a CEO and owner of a clothing brand, HE IS THE BRAND!  Loving and living the craft of football sets him apart as he continually gives back to the community and finding various way to show up and show out for the kids.  Also creating the sponsorship brand 2n6 Sports, he values the heart of his city where he first learned the magnitude of being Mr. Second N Six!